Welcome to CardioSolv

CardioSolv sells and supports heart simulation software. We were formed by the leaders in the academic field of cardiac modeling to help bring cardiac simulation to others, and eventually to the clinic. Our software is used by clinicians, academic researchers, and industrial research and development personnel.

You can find out more by looking around our web site. We have some nice images and movies of our software in action, information about our products and services, and information about us, the people behind Cardiosolv. You can also review some publications that employed our software. Below you can read a bit more about our company as well.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please see our contact page.

More about CardioSolv

Short version: Personalized Cardiac Simulation

Long version:
CardioSolv LLC is a private scientific services and consulting
company specializing in predictive cardiac modeling and simulation.
CardioSolv’s goal is to be the world leader in software development
for cardiac electromechanical applications and to provide
computational biomedicine engineering analysis to the academic
research community, biomedical technology companies, and the
cardiology profession. Our services include medical device design and
optimization, virtual cardiac electrophysiology and electromechanics
solutions, and personalized-medicine planning tools for anti-
arrhythmia therapy. The mission of CardioSolv, LLC is to bring the
state of the art in cardiac simulation out of academia and to the

The founders of CardioSolv, LLC come from leading labs in their
fields, and have extensive background in cardiac electrophysiology and
mechanics, cardiac modeling, image processing, image-based model
reconstruction, numerical analysis, computer science, and high-
performance computing. We generate personalized heart models from
medical imaging data, simulate electrical and mechanical activity, and
interpret the results of such simulations. We are using our expertise
to develop intuitive solutions for those who could benefit from our
services, while continually striving to increase model detail, reduce
turnaround time, and increase model accuracy.

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