CardioSolv Simulation Manager Video – Monodomain Spiral Wave

Below the cut, you will find the first screencast demo of our web-based simulation creator, manager, and analysis tool. In the video, three simulations are run. In the first, a plane wave is initiated moving across a sheet. In the second, a stimulus is applied behind the tail of the plane wave to start a re-entrant (spiral) wave. Finally, the spiral wave is allowed to stabilize for 200 ms.

The simulation manager (CSM) and backend are capable of much more sophisticated things, but this demo highlights how quick and easy it can be to get a simulation up and running.

For more information on the simulator, manager, or CardioSolv, please contact or +1 (651) 967-7961.

Note: If you’d like to watch the video in high definition, I recommend expanding it to full-screen mode.

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