Academic Beta Testers Sought for Cardiac Simulation VM

We’re developing a self-contained virtual machine image (using Sun’s VirtualBox platform) that will allow you to run an entire CardioSolv Simulation Manager, simulator, and model visualization tools (Meshalyzer) on your machine, just by loading it up in VirtualBox. We are looking for academic users interested in cardiac simulation that would like to test it out and are willing to give us feedback.

The image should be ready within the next two weeks. If you’d like to get on board for this trial of the most powerful, sophisticated, and thoroughly tested cardiac electrophysiology simulation package in the world, please fill out the registration form at the end of this post.

You must be

  • A student, postdoc, or faculty member at an educational institution, planning to use the software only for non-commercial purposes
  • Willing to install and use Sun’s VirtualBox software (which is free for personal and academic use)
  • Willing to give us feedback on your experience with the system

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