CardioSolv’s CARP Simulator in the News

Simulation in Rabbit Ventricles

Simulation in Rabbit Ventricles

“Medical science is increasingly turning to computational models to study the possible effects of drugs and surgical interventions, before moving on to patient trials. One active area of research is in heart modelling. The structure of a patient’s heart can be obtained through MRI scans, this data is then placed on a computer and used to construct a model heart. Researchers can study the electrical activity in this model heart, which controls heart beats. Problems such as arrhythmia can be identified and possible surgical interventions can be tested on the model before being used on the patient.”

Supercomputing Online, HPCwire, Nexxus Scotland

The linked articles (very similar to each other) are about the underlying simulator used by CardioSolv. It was developed primarily by two of CardioSolv’s founders, and is now in use by them both academically and within CardioSolv. The articles discuss academic use and development.

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