CSM now running on POD

The CardioSolv Simulation Manager (see this and this), is now up and running on the POD cluster. With the CSM running on this system, you can simultaneously run many cardiac simulations and do post-processing analysis. It’s all handled on the back-end by the queuing system, and run on POD’s top-of-the-line 8-processor machines. These run simulations and analysis as fast as is currently possible.

Typically it would take a lot of learning, reading of manpages and trial and error, to get cardiac simulations up and running on such a powerful resource. We’ve made it easy for you to log in, create your simulation, go get coffee, and have results when you return. You could go set up some expensive and time-consuming animal trials and wet-lab experiments, or you could do a preliminary simulation study from your laptop. Wouldn’t you rather the latter?

When you’re ready to get started, just let us know. +1 (888) 525-2232 or info@cardiosolv.com.

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